Vask Min Pels, Sydhavn Station

Vask Min Pels is the third exhibition in the series from fall 2017, on the billboard outside of Sydhavn Station Gallery behind Charles Svejstrup Madsen’s ‘The Fisherman’s Wife.’ In this exhibition she will be accompanied by a light-reactive painting by Sarah McNulty (US) and a sound and video performance on and around the bilboard by Steffen Levring (DK).

Performance by Steffen Levring

Vask Min Pels (Wash My Fur, from the rare Danish expression ‘wash my fur, but don’t get it wet’), is a painting on reflective outdoor fabric, to accompany Fiskerkonen in her temporary concrete surroundings. The image takes its initial cue in relationships with stylized nature and leisure, considering the evolvement of artificial landscapes. Hand-cut templates, using various swimming pool design formations, are used to interfere and divert the process of painting.

On the evening of the opening, Steffen Levring used the work as a screen upon which to play a live sound/video concert using optical sound, extracted from a variety of handheld lights and lamps, onto the painted billboard, illuminating the work and space.