PASS, AGA Works, Tørreloft, København, 2022

There are different kinds of time, I lower one hand to demonstrate the pre and I raise the other to demonstrate the post. Then the time spills out and the post-industrial lightness of porous metals means things are easier to carry.

Like pelts of an object once hunted, the light changed and the chiffon of the field became the chiffon of the lab. The externalised internal space, the imagination of objects, the edges might just catch a flame and be gone, in another transition through the eye and smoke.

-Luke McCreadie (excerpt)

Pass, an exhibition by Sarah McNulty, alongside a performance by Rie Nakajima, temporarily inhabiting and orchestrating the space, through a series of works made for the industrial garage. Here their malleable, porous materials, images, sounds and objects will be built up in layers; shifting, filtering and amplifying the surroundings.  Constructed through practical and repurposed materials, the works move, obstruct, reflect and slip. As you walk through, you’re inside them, encompassed and digested. Together their work explores questions of how we inhabit overlooked architectural and social spaces, and what filters we process them through.

Rie Nakajima's visit to Copenhagen is initiated by Anders Mathiasen, and organized by the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in collaboration with Polychrome and Tørreloft. An editioned print with a text by Luke McCreadie accompanies the exhibition.